Who is Kaylee Shadows


I am Kaylee Shadows and I am an Author and Love Coach. I wrote the book “Loving the Real You”. I am the creator of Shining Relationship with Kaylee Shadows where I teach people that all their relationships should shine and be positive. I use my fresh and fun way of helping people in relationships of every kind, most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves. I dedicated myself to helping people of all ages overcome darkness and find the light in their lives.

I am married to my soul mate and together we have seven boys and one granddaughter. I have lived a life of experiences, and loves to share what I have learned. I attended college in Washington State studying psychology and much more. Most of what I write about comes from firsthand experience. 


In my book Loving the Real You I talk about having an I rock list. I think everyone should have an I rock list. Here is mine for example. Please feel free to use it and share it because YOU ROCK!!!

I rock list