Who is Kaylee Shadows

Kaylee Shadows specializes in helping people live full lives through healthy relationships and money management.

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Kaylee Shadows is an Author, and Relationship/Finance Specialist. She is the creator of Shining Relationship with Kaylee Shadows where she teaches that all your relationships should shine and be positive. She has a fresh and fun way of helping people in relationships of every kind, most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves. She dedicates herself to helping people of all ages overcome darkness and find the light in their lives from finances to self-love.

Kaylee is married to the man of her dreams and together they have seven sons and one granddaughter. She has lived a life of experiences and loves to share what she has learned. She attended college in Washington State studying psychology and much more. Most of what Kaylee writes about comes from firsthand experience. You can find more information about her at www.KayleeShadows.com


In my book Loving the Real You I talk about having an I rock list. I think everyone should have an I rock list. Here is mine for example. Please feel free to use it and share it because YOU ROCK!!!

I rock list