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A must have while traveling

One question I am asked a lot is “What is the most important thing you need while traveling?” This is kind of funny to me because I feel like a lot of things are a must need while traveling like identification and money. However, one thing I find extremely important is a messenger bag or satchel bag depending on what you call them. I have one and now I am getting one for my husband photography business.

I started using one of these after my twins were born because I need the freedom of both hands. Any of you who have more than one child knows exactly what I mean. This continued to be something I did even now that the boys are old enough to walk without holding my hand. When I am on vacation I love that it hangs by my side and I can easily put stuff inside it or take it out. It also makes a nice holder for my coat when I get to warm. I just drape it over the bag and it fits perfectly.

My husband has started running into the problem of needing all his camera gear with him but his regular camera backpack is a pain to carry around plus the time it takes to open it and get what he needs is crazy. He has missed so many shots just because of that.

I have found some amazing deals on these bags so don’t think you need to spend a ton of money. You can get these in any style or color. Here are a few of my top selection.

Whatever bag you choose make sure it has the long strap so you can have it go across your body for more security. You don’t want it slipping off your arm all the time.

Happy Traveling


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You must have this if you travel internationally.

Traveling is my specialty and if you are someone who loves to travel especially outside of the United States then I high recommend buying an international travel power adapter. This will help you a bunch for charging your phone, laptop and anything else. I even found one on Amazon for a great price.

Click here or on the picture to get a great item for all your travels.

Have a fabulous time….


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How to save money in Las Vegas!!!


Yes this was my exact thought when my husband and I decided to take  our honeymoon to Las Vegas Nevada AKA Sin City.

Neither one of us had ever been there and we thought this would be an exciting trip and it was, but one thing we did not expect was how much everything was going to cost.

We had tons of friends who told us all these “Tips” to save money when we were there and none of them were true or worked out. It was a big bummer so I decided when I got back I would write a post about this.

First things first, if you want to save money in Las Vegas then do not plan to buy anything on the strip like food or souvenirs. Remember The Strip is expensive… The strip used to be a great place to go and save money.  You could eat at the buffets for $1.99 inside the casinos and stuff like that. The casino would do stuff like this to get you in the door.  Well those days are long gone. Food and drinks are very expensive on the strip.

However most place off of the strip are greatly priced. My husband and I went to LaLa Pizza where they had a 20 inch pizza for only $18. That’s a whole lot of pizza.

We found that shopping at the local store smith was great for food to take back to our condo. We were lucky to have a condo with a full kitchen so we started eating in a lot more. We did go to some local places like In and Out for a great burger and that saved some money too. Why waste your money on food when you can use it for more fun things…

Now The Strip is not all bad and one thing you can get there that is really good is a drink.  My husband really wanted on of those big drinks you see everyone walking around with. This was fine until I found out that some places will charge up to $40 for one of those. I am a very practical person when it comes to money and I have to be able to justify what I do buy. That I could not justify..,, However I did find that Fat Tuesday inside the MGM building had a great 42oz drink for only $18 and whoa boy did we both get drunk off of that.

 This is my husband very happy with his drink 🙂

If your in Vegas and especially if your a Vegas virgin like we were 😉 then you may not know what to expect while there. We were both pretty surprised as we have been to Hollywood and we love it there. We thought the strip in Hollywood would be like the one in Vegas and no we were very wrong. In Vegas you will find homeless people sleeping on the strip and tons of people who want money. The street performers will ask you for money and you will get bombarded by people trying to sell you stuff.  They are pushy and rude, and I have even read that sometime they will pick your pocket. Beware of this because things like can ruin your good time. Just walk fast and say No Thank You ALOT!!!

I had heard that they are even starting to charge to park on the strip. If you can avoid driving and can walk I would suggest it. However, if you need to find a place to park most of the casino have free valet parking and the shopping centers have free parking in their garage. That is the way to go.

Tickets for shows can run you in the hundreds *EEK* so your best bet is to find a place that has multiple attractions. You can find tons of free and inexpensive things to see in Vegas. The Vegas Sign will cost you nothing to have your picture in front of it so head down there and do that..

The Bellagio has a great conservatory to see. It is simply beautiful. The City Center has a fine art collection that is also free. If you a fan of the show Pawn Stars you can go and check out their building at no charge as well. You can also head over to Treasure Island and see their great pirate show from the strip and this will not cost you anything.

The Sapphire offers some great shows. They are a little pricey on the drinks but the shows are great. They do everything from comedy to magic shows. They are also the worlds largest strip club. You can get a free limo ride to their place if you call ahead. Just make sure you have a way home 🙂

If you want some good fun and are not put off by stripers then this place is great. They have amazing burlesque shows as well as female and male strippers. Something for everyone.

If you looking for a place to stay that is not very much money then check out and if you stay in a casino you will save some good money.

Whatever your reason for visiting Vegas is just remember to have fun and look for deals.

Lots of love

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How to save money when vacationing with your partner.

Hello there, a while back I was on the road headed to Las Vegas for my official Honeymoon with my hunky love. Since this is my second marriage as well as my husbands we both already have kids from our first marriages and don’t always get time alone.

Now if you’re like us and you have realized that money doesn’t grow on tree’s then you need to be able to save and cut cost wherever you can. (If you do know of a tree that money grows on then please let me know lol)

This is actually how I got started on my Thrifty Traveler Books because I wanted to help you save money when you travel. Here are a few ways to help you save money when traveling with your partner.


3 Tips to help you save money when vacationing with your partner

Tip 1

Share your food. Your mother always told you to share and that rule applies perfectly here. Most of the time the servings are too big anyway and you can’t finish it. Order one entrée and get an extra plate. This is also a great thing to do with your drink.  One of you can order water and the other something else. Most restaurants now do free refills on their sodas which is why they charge $2 for a one so share it and split the cost. This is a great way to save and if  you do this you even have money left over for dessert, which you should also share. This is a great way to not overeat as well.

Tip 2

Use online discount sites for your hotel rooms. Check places like and save tons of money on a room. They even give you the option now to pay when you check in. Also keep checking back as your date gets closer and see if the price went down any. Hotels do not want empty rooms so they would rather get something then nothing.

Tip 3 

Travel during the week if possible. Everything is cheaper and easier to find for a great price. Instead of taking the weekend off and going somewhere, try taking a Tuesday thru Friday trip and save.


For more tips check out my books Thrifty Traveler goes solo

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