Are you ready for a serious relationship? Ask these questions first?

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing fabulous and if you have found yourself on this page you are either contemplating on taking your relationship to the next level or you’re wondering if you got too serious too fast.

That is a really good question and something that everyone thinks about when they are in a relationship. This topic came up the other day when I was speaking with a woman about her current relationship. She told me that she felt out of touch with her husband and that she feared they were growing apart. She told me that she had been very careful in the beginning of her relationship by taking things really slow. They dated for a long time and really got to know each other, and even had a long engagement. However, now she feels like she barely knows him and she wonders where she went wrong. In this situation, she didn’t do anything wrong. You can spend as much time getting to know someone as you want, but if they change later on then it does not matter because now you’re dealing with a whole new person. This happens a lot in relationships as we get older, and this is one of the reason I suggest waiting until you’re in your 20’s or 30’s to even get married.

This really got me thinking about important questions that should be asked when your relationship gets serious, and stuff you should know before it gets really serious. I know some of the questions are like WOW holy shit, but they really are important and should be asked.

  1. What are your religious beliefs?
  2. What are your political beliefs?
  3. How do you feel about abortion?
  4. What is your ideal career?
  5. Are you in any debt?
  6. What’s your income?
  7. How do you spend your money?
  8. How much is in your savings?
  9. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  10. How do you feel about monogamy?
  11. Do you have any fetishes?
  12. What are your porn habits?
  13. Are you comfortable with my family?
  14. Do I fit in with your family?
  15. Do you want kids?
  16. If so, how many, and when?
  17. What kind of parent do you think you’d be?
  18. Do you want pets?
  19. Where is your ideal place to live?
  20. Where is your ideal place to raise kids?
  21. Will we raise our children to be spiritual?
  22. Are you more comfortable with a nanny or daycare?
  23. What are your thoughts on recreational drug use?
  24. Do you feel comfortable prioritizing aspects of my family’s culture, such as religion or language?
  25. Would you rather join our bank accounts or keep them separate?
  26. How are we going to split the bills?
  27. Do you gamble?
  28. How do you feel about marriage?
  29. What kind of wedding would you have?
  30. Are we going to keep our surnames?
  31. How much would you post on social media about our marriage?
  32. How much would you post on social media about our kids?
  33. Would you be willing to delete nude photos of me?
  34. Would you be willing to follow stricter internet account rules?
  35. Do you have any bad habits I should know about?
  36. Do you get jealous?
  37. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  38. What’s your ultimate deal-breaker?

These questions are very serious and very important and I recommend going through this list with your love to make sure you are on the same page because this stuff will eventually come up.

Lots of Love

Kaylee Shadows



Top Ten Pet Names You Should Never Call Your Partner

What Did You Just Call Me?

Having someone you love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Its even better when they love you back LOL.

If you are anything like my husband and me, we are silly and crazy with each other all the time. We love each other so much that we shower each other with compliments. Now that could also be because our last relationships were not like this so we are making up for that with each other.

However no matter how in love you are there are still some rules you should follow. Pet names are a big one. I like pet names personally as they make me feel special and sweet. I feel like I am the only one for him. The problem is when you find a pet name that you like but your partner is not crazy about. Then you have to figure out how to fix it and make up, and it’s a real mess. Here are the top ten pet names you should never call your partner unless of course for some weird reason they ask you too. LOL

1) Don’t Call Them Mother or Father

       This goes for ma and pa as well. We don’t live in the early 1900’s anymore so now that is just creepy. 

2) Buffalo Butt

     As funny as this sounds and as innocent as you may mean it. I can guarantee you that if you call your partner a buffalo butt they will take offense to this and think your saying that they have a big butt.

3) Bitch

     This is another one that will not go over well for either of you. He will think you are calling him a pansy and she will think you are calling her a bitch. I recommend staying away from this one unless you have been asked. 

4) Gorilla 

     Now I have no idea why this is a pet name but it has been used. I think this pretty much explains itself. 


5) Fudge Nuggets

     Really? Why is this suppose to be cute and what does it even mean? You know what I don’t think I want to know. 

white and gray cat lying on mossy ground

6) Bubbles

      OK I can see why this is cute but it sounds like something you would call a stripper and I am not sure how it would be a compliment. Maybe try something more romantic.

7) Bae 

      OK seriously I hate this. I know most people say this because they think it’s short for babe but it’s not. Its actually means poo and I am sorry but if my husband every called me poo I would be pissed. Don’t try and take a shortcut with this. Just say Babe it is much sexier.

8) Fuzzy

     OK this one makes me laugh because I am not sure who is fuzzy or what is fuzzy but it’s not a compliment.

fear the fuzzy

9) Cupcake

     This is not really offensive it just sounds like something you would call your high school girlfriend not the woman you are in love with, and if you are calling your man that I would really like to know why, and I bet he would too. 

10) Cuddle Bum

      Really?  I guess this would be OK in the privacy of your bedroom if your partner does not care but in public is a major no no. 

red pandas

 I hope you have all had fun with these tips

Lots of love

Kaylee Shadows

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How to save money in Las Vegas!!!


Yes this was my exact thought when my husband and I decided to take  our honeymoon to Las Vegas Nevada AKA Sin City.

Neither one of us had ever been there and we thought this would be an exciting trip and it was, but one thing we did not expect was how much everything was going to cost.

We had tons of friends who told us all these “Tips” to save money when we were there and none of them were true or worked out. It was a big bummer so I decided when I got back I would write a post about this.

First things first, if you want to save money in Las Vegas then do not plan to buy anything on the strip like food or souvenirs. Remember The Strip is expensive… The strip used to be a great place to go and save money.  You could eat at the buffets for $1.99 inside the casinos and stuff like that. The casino would do stuff like this to get you in the door.  Well those days are long gone. Food and drinks are very expensive on the strip.

However most place off of the strip are greatly priced. My husband and I went to LaLa Pizza where they had a 20 inch pizza for only $18. That’s a whole lot of pizza.

We found that shopping at the local store smith was great for food to take back to our condo. We were lucky to have a condo with a full kitchen so we started eating in a lot more. We did go to some local places like In and Out for a great burger and that saved some money too. Why waste your money on food when you can use it for more fun things…

Now The Strip is not all bad and one thing you can get there that is really good is a drink.  My husband really wanted on of those big drinks you see everyone walking around with. This was fine until I found out that some places will charge up to $40 for one of those. I am a very practical person when it comes to money and I have to be able to justify what I do buy. That I could not justify..,, However I did find that Fat Tuesday inside the MGM building had a great 42oz drink for only $18 and whoa boy did we both get drunk off of that.

 This is my husband very happy with his drink 🙂

If your in Vegas and especially if your a Vegas virgin like we were 😉 then you may not know what to expect while there. We were both pretty surprised as we have been to Hollywood and we love it there. We thought the strip in Hollywood would be like the one in Vegas and no we were very wrong. In Vegas you will find homeless people sleeping on the strip and tons of people who want money. The street performers will ask you for money and you will get bombarded by people trying to sell you stuff.  They are pushy and rude, and I have even read that sometime they will pick your pocket. Beware of this because things like can ruin your good time. Just walk fast and say No Thank You ALOT!!!

I had heard that they are even starting to charge to park on the strip. If you can avoid driving and can walk I would suggest it. However, if you need to find a place to park most of the casino have free valet parking and the shopping centers have free parking in their garage. That is the way to go.

Tickets for shows can run you in the hundreds *EEK* so your best bet is to find a place that has multiple attractions. You can find tons of free and inexpensive things to see in Vegas. The Vegas Sign will cost you nothing to have your picture in front of it so head down there and do that..

The Bellagio has a great conservatory to see. It is simply beautiful. The City Center has a fine art collection that is also free. If you a fan of the show Pawn Stars you can go and check out their building at no charge as well. You can also head over to Treasure Island and see their great pirate show from the strip and this will not cost you anything.

The Sapphire offers some great shows. They are a little pricey on the drinks but the shows are great. They do everything from comedy to magic shows. They are also the worlds largest strip club. You can get a free limo ride to their place if you call ahead. Just make sure you have a way home 🙂

If you want some good fun and are not put off by stripers then this place is great. They have amazing burlesque shows as well as female and male strippers. Something for everyone.

If you looking for a place to stay that is not very much money then check out and if you stay in a casino you will save some good money.

Whatever your reason for visiting Vegas is just remember to have fun and look for deals.

Lots of love

Kaylee Shadows

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Top 10 things you shouldn’t buy at a Thrift Store!

 Here I an old article that I found that my bestie and I wrote years ago. 

 Top Ten Things you Shouldn’t buy at a Thrift Store!

I should warn you… I wanted to edit the pictures to make them look Vintage-y. In the process I discovered a fun feature where I could add stickers to the pictures…. and I went a little crazy! But I was having a LOT of fun doing it! 



Number 10:
Vintage Ties! 

They only look retro cool because they are the best of the worst… take them home and you will see how truly hideous they are!


Number 9: 
A walker!
Well Kaylee said this was a walker, but I tried to convince her that… hmmm.. it was actually something else! 
But either way… don’t buy one that somebody has donated…. I mean… think about where this has been!!!!

PS The blue bow was added to cover a gratuitous cleavage shot that we didn’t think you were ready for yet! I figure you want to get to know us better before we get to that! 😉


Number 8:
Doily…. thingys! 
‘Nough said! 

This is my bestie and the writer of this post.


Number 7:
I’m not sure what this thing is… but we don’t think you should buy it! 
It does however remind me of this next picture:


And yes, this is the face she would make if she won a title! 🙂


Number 6:
A giant skinny candle on a stick. Well it actually looks like a roman candle. Not exactly Candle Light Dinner material! 
PS The stogie is totally fake lol


Number 5:
A creamer container that is 

supposed to look like radishes but actually looks like…. 

well you can see it too! 


Number 4:
Chuckie’s mistress!
Since I aged the picture you can’t see how bad the doll really looks… but picture the creepy doll from True Blood season 4! You don’t want this girl’s guardian spirit following you home! 


Number 3:
Ugly T-shirts! 
They were donated for a reason people… leave them there! 


Number 2:
Anything that causes you to pour something you are supposed to drink from the mouth of an animal! 
I’m sorry.. it’s just weird!

PS: She looked like she was getting cold so I thought I would warm her up with a little hat! 🙂



Number 1: 
This is what Harry Potter would look like..
If he wore Gold Lame. 
Which he shouldn’t! 
And you shouldn’t either!

Haha I just love reminiscing over fun times. 

Lots of love all

Kaylee Shadows