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The most expensive cities in the United States.

The Most Expensive Cities in the United States.

Thrifty Traveling is extremely important when vacationing or doing any kind of travel. Spending money is unavoidable but how much you spend is up to you. No matter where you go there are always budget savvy ways to save money. However, avoiding these cities will help your budget tremendously.

San Fransisco, California

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This is a beautiful city to visit but it can be one of the most expensive.  With their taxes and surcharges that are added to every meal, you can guarantee that your bill will be about 10% larger then you expected. Parking is outrageous in price as well as the $8 toll to go over the Golden Gate Bridge. Relocating to this amazing city is also costly as the typical 3 bedroom house is around $950,000 and up. Don’t think that renting is any better because in this fabulous city to rent a 2 bedroom apartment is around $4500.00 a month. 

Napa Valley, California

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This city is beautiful and if you are a wine lover you will enjoy all of the tastings that Napa Valley has to offer. However, you will not be tasting these wines for free as they can vary from $5 to $50 person for tasting. This is a great place for site seeing and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. You can save some money for lodging if you don’t stay close to the vineyards but remember you will need to drive farther out to see them. This is another city in California that is costly to live in. If you are thinking of relocating here you are looking at spending a pretty penny as houses run around $899.00 and up. 

Manhattan, New York

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Manhattan is probably the most expensive place you will find. If you are just visiting or planning to relocate then you need to plan to spend a pretty penny here. This is one of the greatest places in the United States to visit with all of the glamour and entertainment. However, this all comes with a hefty price. The average hotel room will cost around $700 a night and you will spend close to $500 on meals. If you are thinking about moving to the Big Apple you will be spending quite a bit as rent goes for around $4000 to $7000 a month for a 2 bedroom. If you are looking to buy then the average 3 bedroom house cost 4 million on up. This is a very expensive place to be. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a great place to visit with their Red Sox games and great scenery. However, vacationing here might be the only thing you want to do. The housing cost in Boston is extremely high. Rating this city as one of the top 10 most expensive places to live. Ranging from around $500,00 and up for a 3 bedroom house and that is if you live on the outskirts of the city. Prices go up into the mullions the closer y9ou get to downtown life. 

Miami, Florida

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Miami is another place that is beautiful to visit, with the sandy beaches and warm weather. This is also a city where you can experience every culture and all while staying inside the United States. Vacationing here you can find some great deals on lodging and the food isn’t too overpriced if you do your research. However living in this city is expensive, as most house range between 700,000 to 1 million. Maybe just take a trip to this beautiful city. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Honolulu is heaven on earth and one of the most beautiful places to be. With the amazing climate and natural surroundings, you will never want to leave. However, with the cost of living in Honolulu, you will want to make this a vacation spot only. Not only is the housing cost high but adding in utilities, food, and cost of transportation and you won’t have any money left to have fun. 

Having the money to travel and vacation is all part of the journey but spending all of your money will leave you feeling down and out. These are some of the most expensive cities to live in and vacation to in the United States, but if they are on your list of places you must see then do your research to find the best prices available and don’t be afraid to use deals and coupons to help cut down the cost. 

Lots of Love 

Try some noise-canceling earbuds for your next trip and sit back and relax without the worries of crying babies or annoying airplane passengers. 

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