Top Ten Ways to have FUN on Valentine’s Day when you’re SINGLE!!!!

Hello Darlings, I have been thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day and how much people can get worked up about it especially when they are single. Take my best friend Kristina for example, I was talking to her the other day and I noticed how she said it was so hard to find anything in the month of February that isn’t Valentine’s day related. She is single and fabulous and has a son and knows that she doesn’t need a man to keep her happy. However during this time of the year it can make her feel like there is something wrong with her because she isn’t in a relationship. I say BULLSHIT!!!! She should never feel this way and neither should anyone else who is single. 

This got me to thinking and I figure why can’t Valentine’s Day be fun for everyone and you know what? It can!!!!

Here are ten top things to do on Valentine’s Day when your single because let’s face it you should be happy every day of the year.

Number 1

Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone and there are tons of really cute and pretty things that come out during the month of February like hearts and kittens and what not. If you are a single parent and dreading this holiday then here is what you should do. Have the best date of your life. Take your little one out for a night on the town. Just think of how perfect this is. You will never love someone more than you love your little one. You already know what they like to do and they always know how to make you smile. Embrace that, and get dressed up and make a dinner reservation and go have a great night with the one who means more to you then anything. If you have more than one child then you can use this to take them all out or maybe pick one who has a little something special coming. You can be the judge of that. Have fun!!!

Number 2

This is also the perfect day to have a night out with yourself. Enjoy a great movie and just think you don’t have to share your popcorn. Awesome!!!

Number 3

Treat yourself to a massage and let yourself go!!! Bye Bye stress!!!

Number 4

If you really want to enjoy Valentine’s Day then plan ahead and take a spa weekend for just yourself and enjoy being pampered all weekend long.

Number 5

Another great way to enjoy the day is find a friend who is also single and have a night out on the town. You can even find some great discounts that places have for couples. Hey they don’t say what kind of couple you have to be! 😉

Number 6

Instead of thinking about how your alone this holiday maybe think about a friend who is really in need. Maybe a friend who is spending their first valentine’s day after a bad breakup or divorce. Maybe even after someone lost a spouse and they are alone for the first year. Take this time to send them a card telling them how much they mean to you. 

Number 7

This is a great time to celebrate being single so throw a party. A singles only party and celebrate not needing someone and your independence.

Number 8

Have a night in with yourself. Get a babysitter and veg out. Drink some wine and watch a movie.

Number 9

If you feel like you would like a date but don’t want to go to all the fuss of blind dates and everything else, then find a friend and have a platonic date. 

Number 10

Think about your parents on this day and think are they still married or are they now single. When is the last time they had a Valentine’s Day dinner? Take your parent out tonight and have a great time catching up. 

See you don’t have to be in a relationship just to have fun and enjoy this holiday. Hope you enjoyed this and as always remember that you are fabulous!!!!

Lots of love

Kaylee Shadows

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