Top Ten gifts to buy your man for Valentine’s Day!!!

Hello all you fabulous people, Every year I hear dozens of women complain that they don’t  know what to get their man for Valentine’s Day. Well I am here to help you with Ten items that are at the top of most men’s wish list this holiday.  A little side note for you is that I am a huge packers fan so anytime something sports is related you will see packers stuff.

Number 1

A watch of their favorite sports team. They will love you for paying attention to what they like and it’s not girly.

Number 2

Dress up sexy for your man and please him. Make it all about him and give him a night off while you get him off 😉

Number 3

A sports hoodie of his favorite team. This is perfect to wear when there is a chill in the air or when he goes for a run. Great to wear to games and anytime he wants to show off his team. 

Number 4

A gift basket with all his favorite goodies. My favorite is a movie night basket. You set yourself a date with your man and everything is right there. You’re all set. 

Number 5

Get your man a professional massage. Its relaxing and stress free and he won’t even be the one paying for it. A win win all around.

Number 6

Get him a great selection of his favorite alcohol. You can go with a couple big bottles or a cute idea like the picture below with some of his favorite minis. 

Number 7

A set of tickets to watch his favorite team play. Make sure you get at least 2 and you can go with him if you are into that or make sure he knows it’s a great way to take a buddy. Your choice on that. If you not a sports person then you should have him take a buddy or he will know your bored and it will ruin it for him. 

Number 8

If your man is a man’s man then he is probably into tools and car/truck/motorcycle parts and stuff like that. Get him a gift card to a place where he can pick up his next part or tool he needs. 

Number 9

A set of drinking glasses to enjoy his drinks in so he isn’t always using a red solo cup or a coffee cup.  He will like it and it will make him feel fancy 😉 also every time he uses one he will think of you. 

Number 10

Comedy Night is always fun and great to do as a couple. Buy your man a set of tickets to a local comedy club and go have some laughs. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and as always enjoy each other and love each other!!!

Lots of love

Kaylee Shadows

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