Surprising ways to show your man you care. He will thank you for it!

Hey everyone, I wanted to bring this up today because I feel like this doesn’t get talked about enough. Yes guys matter too.

Shocking I know!!!

Now I say this because in a lot of relationships you hear about how the man needs to try harder, or be more romantic and sensitive. Well what about them? Men need to feel like they matter just as much as we do.

There is all this pressure for men to stand up and be a manly man, and not have feeling, but that is not true and a horrible way to thing. The reason is because men do have feelings and they can get hurt just as easily as ours can. 

Think back to the beginning of your relationship when you were first getting to know each other. Remember how you couldn’t wait to see them and spend all of your time with them. You would find any reason to send them a text or call them. Maybe you surprised him with coffee or lunch when you knew he could really use it. What about the back rubs and affection you showed him, not to mention having sex like bunnies? What happened to all of that loving stuff you did for him? I ask this because most women eventually stop doing that stuff and then they get their feelings hurt when he stops being romantic.

Now before you start thinking that you are a horrible person let me reassure you that this is normal. Why? The reason this happens in almost every relationship is because we get comfortable and real life sets in. Once you two make a life together things will change. You won’t be wondering when you will see him again because he lives with you. You will probably forget about back rubs because you realize how much your back hurts too. Sex is fabulous but with screaming kids, and work, and daily life chores you get tired and once your in bed you can’t wait to sleep. This is not really a problem until you start realizing that you need romance in your life again and that your man stopped doing that a long time ago.

Before you go and get mad and start telling him he needs to be more romantic, you need to take a good hard  look at yourself missy. When was the last time you were romantic with him? If you realize that you are just as guilty as he is then you should do something about that. It does not mean that your relationship has no hope it just means you fell off track of what’s important. Yes keeping your relationship alive is important because if you stop doing these things for each other your relationship will struggle. 9 out of 10 people who cheat in their relationship do it because someone else made them feel good about themselves, and made them feel desired and wanted. Everyone wants to feel this way, not just women.

Sooooo the next time you feel like your man isn’t keeping up his end of the deal take a look at yourself and see if you are keeping up your end.

For more information on keeping your man happy check out my book “Be His Forever” and make sure to get him a copy of “Be Her Forever” too. 

Remember to always love each other.

Life is short.

Kaylee Shadows

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