Just Be Nice!!!

Daily Connection Reminder #129

This is heavy on my heart today and I see people who are constantly mean to each other.  This happens the most on line and in social media platforms. Is this because you are not held accountable for your actions since it is over a screen? Would you actually say these words to someone if you were face to face? Are you really that much of an asshole?

Yes that is what it all comes down to and what I want to know the most is why do you feel the need to put down others and make them feel bad? What kind of joy could you possibly get by making someone else feel horrible?

You have no idea what a person might be going through when you use hurtful words or think that your opinion is more important then theirs. Stop with all the cyber bullying and damn it Just Be Nice!

Being nice will get you so much farther then being mean will.

Try kindness and love instead of hate and bullying. Life is short so live it the right way.

Lots of Love


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