Top Ten Pet Names You Should Never Call Your Partner

What Did You Just Call Me?

Having someone you love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Its even better when they love you back LOL.

If you are anything like my husband and me, we are silly and crazy with each other all the time. We love each other so much that we shower each other with compliments. Now that could also be because our last relationships were not like this so we are making up for that with each other.

However no matter how in love you are there are still some rules you should follow. Pet names are a big one. I like pet names personally as they make me feel special and sweet. I feel like I am the only one for him. The problem is when you find a pet name that you like but your partner is not crazy about. Then you have to figure out how to fix it and make up, and it’s a real mess. Here are the top ten pet names you should never call your partner unless of course for some weird reason they ask you too. LOL

1) Don’t Call Them Mother or Father

       This goes for ma and pa as well. We don’t live in the early 1900’s anymore so now that is just creepy. 

2) Buffalo Butt

     As funny as this sounds and as innocent as you may mean it. I can guarantee you that if you call your partner a buffalo butt they will take offense to this and think your saying that they have a big butt.

3) Bitch

     This is another one that will not go over well for either of you. He will think you are calling him a pansy and she will think you are calling her a bitch. I recommend staying away from this one unless you have been asked. 

4) Gorilla 

     Now I have no idea why this is a pet name but it has been used. I think this pretty much explains itself. 


5) Fudge Nuggets

     Really? Why is this suppose to be cute and what does it even mean? You know what I don’t think I want to know. 

white and gray cat lying on mossy ground

6) Bubbles

      OK I can see why this is cute but it sounds like something you would call a stripper and I am not sure how it would be a compliment. Maybe try something more romantic.

7) Bae 

      OK seriously I hate this. I know most people say this because they think it’s short for babe but it’s not. Its actually means poo and I am sorry but if my husband every called me poo I would be pissed. Don’t try and take a shortcut with this. Just say Babe it is much sexier.

8) Fuzzy

     OK this one makes me laugh because I am not sure who is fuzzy or what is fuzzy but it’s not a compliment.

fear the fuzzy

9) Cupcake

     This is not really offensive it just sounds like something you would call your high school girlfriend not the woman you are in love with, and if you are calling your man that I would really like to know why, and I bet he would too. 

10) Cuddle Bum

      Really?  I guess this would be OK in the privacy of your bedroom if your partner does not care but in public is a major no no. 

red pandas

 I hope you have all had fun with these tips

Lots of love

Kaylee Shadows

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