Top 10 things you shouldn’t buy at a Thrift Store!

 Here I an old article that I found that my bestie and I wrote years ago. 

 Top Ten Things you Shouldn’t buy at a Thrift Store!

I should warn you… I wanted to edit the pictures to make them look Vintage-y. In the process I discovered a fun feature where I could add stickers to the pictures…. and I went a little crazy! But I was having a LOT of fun doing it! 



Number 10:
Vintage Ties! 

They only look retro cool because they are the best of the worst… take them home and you will see how truly hideous they are!


Number 9: 
A walker!
Well Kaylee said this was a walker, but I tried to convince her that… hmmm.. it was actually something else! 
But either way… don’t buy one that somebody has donated…. I mean… think about where this has been!!!!

PS The blue bow was added to cover a gratuitous cleavage shot that we didn’t think you were ready for yet! I figure you want to get to know us better before we get to that! 😉


Number 8:
Doily…. thingys! 
‘Nough said! 

This is my bestie and the writer of this post.


Number 7:
I’m not sure what this thing is… but we don’t think you should buy it! 
It does however remind me of this next picture:


And yes, this is the face she would make if she won a title! 🙂


Number 6:
A giant skinny candle on a stick. Well it actually looks like a roman candle. Not exactly Candle Light Dinner material! 
PS The stogie is totally fake lol


Number 5:
A creamer container that is 

supposed to look like radishes but actually looks like…. 

well you can see it too! 


Number 4:
Chuckie’s mistress!
Since I aged the picture you can’t see how bad the doll really looks… but picture the creepy doll from True Blood season 4! You don’t want this girl’s guardian spirit following you home! 


Number 3:
Ugly T-shirts! 
They were donated for a reason people… leave them there! 


Number 2:
Anything that causes you to pour something you are supposed to drink from the mouth of an animal! 
I’m sorry.. it’s just weird!

PS: She looked like she was getting cold so I thought I would warm her up with a little hat! 🙂



Number 1: 
This is what Harry Potter would look like..
If he wore Gold Lame. 
Which he shouldn’t! 
And you shouldn’t either!

Haha I just love reminiscing over fun times. 

Lots of love all

Kaylee Shadows 

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