Suicide Prevention & How we can help…


This subject has been heavy on my heart for quite sometime now as the suicide rate especially amongst teens has grown quite rapidly. When this year started I was asked to speak at suicide awareness function in Spokane and I wasn’t sure exactly how I would handle it because in my business I focus on positivity and happiness and that was when I realized that I could really make a difference and really help people who were suffering from depression and sadness. I could help them leave the darkness behind and find the light that they truly are. Since then I have been on a mission to help spread this word to everyone because the most important relationship we have in life is the one we have with ourselves. I started making little postcards and leaving them everywhere I go to help spread the word as well as the prevention hotline phone number.

This week on Thursday June 21st I will be doing a live video with Brianne Heslop who is an amazing woman that has beat her darkness and found her light in life. Brianne has contemplated suicide not only once but twice in her life and has found a way to push forward and find her light.


Please join us for this live interview at 10am PST on my Shining Relationship Page to tune in.

For those of you who cannot attend this I will be uploading the interview later on that day.

Lots of Love

Kaylee Shadows

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