Interview with Author Jay Palmer

Today I interviewed author Jay Palmer

I had a mind-blowing interview today with Jay as he seriously left me Wowed when the conversation was over. Jay is very active and always on the go and constantly sharing his books with people he meets.

jay palmer

Please read along of my interview with this best-selling author to learn all the amazing things that I did.

Kaylee Shadows Talking

Jay Talking

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me I greatly appreciate it. The purpose of this interview is to pick your brain on your writing process and hopefully help and inspire other authors.

Let’s get started…

First tell me a little bit about yourself.

Well, I’m a very active guy … I never sit still, always doing something. I love reading, and of course, I had to try my hand at writing. I also love doing research, and consider myself a teacher as well as a writer, for many people learn a lot from my books.


Active is good what would you say your favorite outdoor hobby is?

My outdoor hobbies have changed as I got older. I’m a knight of AnTir in the SCA, and when I was young and healthy, I spent most of my weekends camping out at night (drinking around the campfire) and putting on real suits of armor and fighting during the day.

That sounds amazing

Now that I can’t fight anymore, I just enjoy taking long walks around Greenlake – that sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

What is your favorite book of all time?

Jeez, that’s tough! There are so many that I practically have memorized because I’ve read them so much. The Fellowship of the Ring got me addicted to reading, and so I’ll always love it, but I quit counting how many times I’ve read LOTR – must be around 30 times by now – and it doesn’t read the same once you know it that well. I love the classics, like Mark Twain and Dickens, but the book I fell in love with last was Far from the Madding Crowd. Of course, if you ask this this an hour from now, my favorite may be something else. (I’ve recently had a desire to go back and read Stranger in a Strange Land again, another book I quit reading because I read it too many times.)

I know it can be tough I have the same problem when I am asked that question. Part of me is like oh this book for sure and other parts of me are like umm what did I just read lol

How many books have you written and published?

Published: 10. Written: Many more. Some were early works that I don’t feel are good enough. Others are unfinished. I’ve written a new trilogy, working on the artwork and waiting on my proofreaders to get back to me … I’m very excited about it. My first trilogy, The VIKINGS! Trilogy, my readers know most of Norse mythology when they finish it. My new trilogy explores the mysteries of Egyptian mythology … I spent 4 years studying just to write it … and that’s on top of a lifelong love of Egypt.

Wow I have to tell my husband about that he is obsessed with anything Egyptian ever since he was a kid.

10 published that is quite an accomplishment

Let’s face it – the love of Thor, whom every kid knows, didn’t come from mythological research, but started with Marvel comics, and as kids grew up, many chose to explore the more historical aspects of their comic book hero.

I’d like people to know Horus just as well.

Very true

Are your books in print form as well as digital?

Yes, in paperback and kindle formats (on Amazon).


Are you self-published?

Yes. I spent too long dealing with publishers. I’ve had several signed contracts with companies that “didn’t follow through with their promises”. The last one actually told me “We didn’t lie to you, we’re just not competent” … who wants to publish with someone like that? I said, “No I’ll do it myself” and I’ve never regretted it.

I hear that a lot actually

Not surprising.

What do you do for marketing and promoting of your books?

I do a lot. Foremost, I have a booth I set up at street fairs, medieval fairs, the Highland games, museum events, pretty much anything I can get into (for not too much $$$) and I talk to people. I also have a military vest I wear that looks like a bullet-proof vest with the word “WRITER” in bold white letters across it. It’s a cosplay from the TV show “Castle”, and I will wear it to large events in the summer. People come up to compliment me on it, and I introduce myself, hand them a card, and tell them about my books! I also have magnetic signs on my car, showing pictures of my books and my website ( and I’ve actually sold entire trilogies in parking lots and at gas stations … it works like a charm!

That is amazing

I like how you are using mostly word of mouth and just talking your books up which what all authors should do

I am seriously WOWED right now lol

Who is the person most-likely to buy your book(s)? Friends! So, don’t try and sell … go out to as many places as you can, always with a pocket full of business cards, and make new friends!

That is a great tip

Now is Jay Palmer a pen name?

My legal name is John Palmer, but only a handful of relatives call me that. I became “Jay” in high school, and it’s stuck ever since.

Very cool

What would you say is your biggest success in writing?

My trilogy has unquestionably sold the most, and not just because I’ve had it out there the longest. People love the idea of not only being entertained by a fast-paced adventure story, but by becoming an expert in Norse Mythology as they read for fun. Now, I am an expert, and I argue with other experts all the time. There are aspect of Norse Mythology that you only learn after years of study, but the basics of every Norse god and every land in Yggdrasil is a huge part of my story, so people just pick it up.

I agree with that and I also like how you aren’t judging it by sales. I know a lot of authors out there will think their books are no good because they don’t make best seller in the first 30 days and then they give up.

Sales are great don’t get me wrong but there is so much more.

I only have two more questions for you today. Thank you again for meeting with me.

Before we published, my girlfriend asked how I’d feel if I didn’t sell millions. I said that I was a writer and I had the confidence to get it out there … I had to at least try. If all I do is get to say “Hey, I wrote these books”, that’s better than burying your work for fear of not being the best.

Very true

Glad to … enjoying this greatly!

What advice do you have for other authors?

Look, if you go jogging, they call you a jogger. However, people judge all artists by their financial success. Don’t fall into that trap. Write what you like and do the very best that you can. Write stories that you will be proud of, and then put them out where people can get them. Don’t wait. Get started now.

Great advice and thank you so much

What is the best way for readers to find you?

I’m online, at my website ( but I am at the Midsummer Ren Faire in Buckley every year, usually attend the Nordic Heritage Museum events, at many SCA events, and I’m a ballroom dancer – look for me on the dancefloor. I go to Norwescon and other events; if I don’t have a booth then look for me in the hotel bar. If I’m not sitting with a group of friends, I’m probably sitting at my keyboard writing.

Thank you so much for you time and this amazing interview.

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