Suicide Awareness! Can we really help?

Hey there everyone I wanted to come to you today and talk about suicide awareness. Now I know that some of you might be thinking about how this is not a positive thing and that it is not the Kaylee Shadows way. Well your right this is not a positive thing but it is still my way, because I want to try and put a stop to so many suicides in the world these days.

Now I know you maybe thinking that one person can’t make a difference and I am here to tell you that is not true. If you look back through history you will find that most of the people that you admire and look up to believed that they could make a change and because they believed they did.

Life is already so short and it saddens me to think that so many people are so depressed and feel like there is no other way out of the darkness that they need to end their own lives. I have seen this happen a lot and have even lost a dear friend to suicide years ago, but lately what I am seeing is teens and young adults who think that life is so bad they need an out.

Now I know a lot comes into play here that I wont get into today such as bullying and depression but this year I have decided to use my work as an author and love coach to start helping those younger people because I know that life can be great and positive and that they can be happy.

On March 7th of this year I will be joining some other guest speakers as well as some amazing bands in Spokane Washington at Rogers High School to talk about this and some other mental health awareness. This is open to the public and I would love to see this place just packed. There will be all sorts of entertainment and even prizes. If you are in the area then please stop by as this word needs to be spread and we need to help save the lives of these people who think there is no way out of the darkness.

Lots of Love

Kaylee Shadows

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