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Kaylee Shadows


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Kaylee Shadows has an innate ability to connect with her audience due to her high level of self-awareness, perception, and eloquence. I have never experienced any other speaker prepare for her subject matter as Kaylee did. Her glowing presence as a speaker is a welcome change from some of my other experiences. She can immediately take hold of a room and engage her audience with authority and command of language. Her ideas and insight hold your attention.

Fred Odell

Loving the Real you is a powerful book! I was drawn to it by my inner urge to change something in my life, change the way I saw things, which wasn’t working for me anymore. I am so happy that the advice in this wonderful book resonated with me on so many levels. I found myself being more and more positive in my thoughts with each day. The conversation you have with yourself is more important than what you hear from outside of you. This is brilliant! A book you will keep returning to whenever you need an extra dose of positivity, self-love and up lifting. Highly recommended.

Anna Morgan